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7th Grade Respect Unit

This link provides support materials for the novel unit Respect 

Journey to Jo'Jurg and Waiting for the Rain

BBC Country Profiles

Color of my Words

Dominican Republic Department of State

BBC Country Profiles

Puerto Plata


BBC Country Profiles

Girl of Kosovo

BBC Country Profiles

Human Rights Center-Kosovo

Safe House

BBC uncovers the troubles in Ireland

Tangled Threads: Hmong girl's Story

The Hmong: Their History and Culture

Under the Persimmon Tree

BBC Country Profiles

Parvana's Journey

The Breadwinner

The Cure

A look back at the Plague

Black Death and Plague in the 14th Century

The Black Death and the Burning of Jews


The Spanish Inquisition

The Spanish Inquisition

The Inquisition

the Spanish Inquisition

Girl of Kosovo

BBC Country Profiles

The Holocaust Resources

Miep Gies: Hiding the Franks Family

PBS: America and the Holocaust

People and Events of the Holocaust

A Teacher's guide to the Holocaust

BBC: a View of the Holocaust

The Holocaust Timeline

New York Times Learning Network - Holocaust Resources