Bullying Prevention & Intervention

It is our sincerest belief that: “There is no excuse for any school in the nation to not have a research-based bullying program in place. Far too many children have dropped out of school, opted for home schooling programs, committed suicide at and away from school, and on extremely rare occasions, even taken hostages or murdered their peers after being mercilessly pushed beyond their limits in the schools where educators ignore bullying or do not know how they should deal with it. Make no mistake about it, any school that does not make bullying prevention a priority is a poor quality school, regardless of test scores.”

The Natick Public Schools is committed to providing a safe, positive and productive educational environment where students can achieve their highest potential. No student shall be subjected to harassment, intimidation, bullying or cyber-bullying. This consists of the time when a student gets on the school bus (or if walking, entering school grounds), enters a classroom, arrives in the cafeteria or is on our fields, gyms, playgrounds, etc. and all areas in between. In each of our nine schools and surrounding grounds, district employees are trained to respond to any incidents of bullying and/or harassment.

Principals have been educated about the importance of creating safe environments for our students. All incidents of bullying will be investigated and remediated. Teachers frequently discuss and review anti-bullying rules with students, emphasizing expectations and consequences. We believe that educators who are provided the strategies to detect and interrupt bullying in our schools serve to create a safer environment.

In Natick, we employ several research-based educational programs including Open Circle, Second Step, training from the Anti- Defamation League, Facing History and a curriculum created by our guidance counselors utilizing research-based practices. In addition, we work closely on these programs with the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office and the Natick Police Department.

We are especially proud of our Student Leadership Teams at both our middle schools and at Natick High School. This program utilizes a team of trained students to interrupt the cycle of bullying … thus far with impressive results.

To help in our efforts, we need the support of parents and the community in order to be 100% successful. I pledge that we, as a school district, will continue to address this issue vigorously within our schools. However, we all must work together to promote discussion at home, school, community organizations and places of worship, in order to put an end to verbal and physical intimidation among our students. To that end, please communicate any bullying that you may witness using our on-line form or by calling a school principal. All Natick principals are available to speak with parents whenever they feel their sons/daughters have been harmed.

Above all, we believe every person in the Natick Public Schools has a right to be secure in his or her mind, body and property. Together, we can provide a safe environment where our students can learn and be allowed to excel.

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