6/19/20 Superintendent Update - Happy Summer!

6/19/20 Superintendent Update - Happy Summer!
Posted on 06/19/2020
Dear Families,
There is important technology drop off information in lower sections of this email. If you are moving, graduating or have a broken laptop, you MUST drop your device off as noted below.
Congratulations on finishing this unusual school year. At this time of year, we typically have end of year lunches or picnics after school lets out to celebrate as colleagues and reflect on the work we did to support students. This year, I feel I should be breaking bread with you, our home education team for supporting home learning since March. Thank you. Thank you for all of the notes you wrote to us/our teachers to tell them how hard it all is and how you were in awe of their work. It matters. Thank you for supporting your young person as they adapted to this manner of study, modeling resilience and strength. It matters. 

Thank you for offering feedback and coming to our online meetings and supporting us at school committee and other tow meeting. It matters. Thank you for understanding when we could not recreate old traditions or enact certain services. It matters. Thank you for having your children send us cards and emails and thank you notes and video thanks. It matters--it all mattered a great deal to our staff. Thank you.  
The past two days, our administrators have taken time to review our time in remote learning, and do a post-mortem on this last phase and a pre-mortem on the opening of school and future possible remote and hybrid learning options. We are tearing it all apart and looking at all aspects of our learning models in preparation for next year. Our reopening committees have convened and we are awaiting further detailed guidance. We are reading your survey suggestions and need you to know that your ideas matter. You matter.  
I wish I had all the answers for you right now, so that you could mentally shift your brain to planning and then summer with your kids as we typically do. I will do so as soon as I can. I anticipate end of July/early August a comprehensive schedule, overview of our learning options or system, teacher placement, and directions on updating and learning the new Powerschool portal. In this guidance, you will have all of the information you need to make decisions for your children. The Governor will be updating us soon on state guidance and we will adapt and come back to you with our plans and another survey. It is imperative that you continue to read the Friday Engage newsletter each week for updates and surveys. In this way, we can tailor our options to your current needs as best we can and as the state and local boards of authority allow; our students and community matter deeply to us.
Our administrators are going to try to take some vacation time between now and July 5, so if you're getting a slower response to questions, they have been ordered to vacation—they have not had a break since closure. Thank you for understanding.
We come back in July to reflect on our achievement data, equity and racial justice work for our strategic plan, rewriting our social studies curriculum and, of course, planning for reopening and a variety of reopening options.
It's the Friday night of summer — the sweetest time of the year as the whole possibility and freedom of summer unfolds before you. Enjoy it!
Happy Summer,
Anna Nolin
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