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Grade 5/6 summer Reading Ideas

Grade 7/8 Summer Reading Ideas

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Ancient & Medieval World
Animal & Plant Anatomy
Exploring Ancient Civilizations
Exploring Life Science
Peoples of the Americas
Peoples of Western Asia
Peoples of Eastern Asia, Australia and the Pacific

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Grade 5 Pathfinders

Inventions and Inventive Thinking

Solar System News

Vikings and European Explorers

Hall of Fame Reader Template


Grade 6 Pathfinders


Invite an Ancient Greek to Dinner!


Grade 7 Pathfinders

Gr 7 Micro Lending extension

Grade 7 Information literacy Assessment

International Seminar

7th Grade China Resources

7th Grade Jim Crow Law/Civil Rights

Sub-Saharan Africa Timeline

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7th Grade China Resources

Chinese Revolution Glossary from the BBC

New York Times: on this Day

Mao Tse-tung

Concise Political history of China

Music of the Chinese Revolution

The Chinese Revolution : a Thinkquest