School Safety

As a district, we strive to build a connected community that builds upon trust and relationships with students as a foundation for our educational program. Supports like ensuring each student has a trusted adult, counseling availability, and systems to identify at-risk students are just a few of the many measures we have in place.


These events also remind us that we have to be vigilant in our planning and knowledge of our crisis procedures and protocols here in Natick if our preventative measures are not enough. We routinely ask our staff to reacquaint themselves with our procedures to ensure we are prepared in the event that something as unfortunate were to occur within our community.

Below please find a non-exhaustive list of safety initiatives we have in place here in Natick.  Please note, that this is a general overview, as the specific details of our plans must remain confidential to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and community members

The district uses a comprehensive Crisis Planning Cycle that includes the following:

  • Mitigation/Prevention which addresses what schools and districts can do to reduce or eliminate risk to life and property
  • Preparedness focuses on the process of planning for the worst case scenario
  • Response is devoted to the steps to take during a crisis
    Recovery deals with how to restore the learning and teaching environment after a crisis

The district has a Safety Team that meets monthly, or more, to create and review policies and procedures regarding school safety. This team is made up of school, police, fire, and other town officials. 

Each school and/or building has a crisis team that is charged with assisting the Principal in ensuring specific building protocols, procedures, and training around crisis planning and intervention are in place. These teams meet on a regular basis and train and consult with other staff regarding crisis preparedness and response. 

The district, in collaboration with the Natick Police Department, has 3 School Resource Officers located in our schools that provide training, consultation, and crisis response as part of our School Safety Initiative.

Each school and their staff is equipped with mass notification technology that allows for immediate communication with first responders in emergency situations.

Several Lockdown/Safety Drills are held in each school building throughout the school year to ensure students and staff are prepared in case of emergency. "Principal Chats" are held with students prior to these drills to prepare them for what to expect in emergency situations. 

All Administrators are trained in the National Incident Command Management System for Schools. This system is used by Local, State and Federal Agencies in order to coordinate response efforts across agency and jurisdictional lines.

School and student safety are important to us. We acknowledge that the emotional and physical safety of students and staff is everyone’s responsibility. We will continue our efforts to foster a welcoming atmosphere and promote respect on our campuses and in our neighborhoods while maintaining safety and security.

Lastly, all students are encouraged to identify others in distress and are encouraged to talk with an adult immediately if they have concerns for their own safety or the safety of others.

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